Studio 3 Woodburning Cassette

Studio Wood Burning Fires

Our Studio Inset wood burning fires have been designed to create a striking feature in your living space with their enticing widescreen flame visuals complemented by an extensive array of frames and styling options. Available in four sizes, these wood burning fires feature the latest Cleanburn and Airwash systems, allowing them to burn with outstanding efficiency.

Some of the Studio Inset wood burning fires are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, when fitted with the appropriate kit.


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Studio 3 Woodburning  Cassette

Stovax Studio 3 woodburning Cassette  are available in four sizes, each with a wide variety of frame options. From glass and steel to profil and bauhaus, there will be a frame to suit your own personal taste and style. Alternatively the Studio can be fitted with an Edge kit for a more minimalist appearance.

Visit our Studio Wood Burning Fires page for further information.


Similar to the existing Stovax Studio 3 Woodburning Cassette Steel inset wood burning fire, the Ecodesign Studio Steel XS has slimmer proportions and offers a very different… Full details


The Ecodesign Stovax Studio Edge inset fire is for those who require minimalist modern perfection. This contemporary wood burning fire has a seamless no-frame… Full details


As a continuation from the Stovax Studio Edge, the Ecodesign Edge + inset wood burning fire provides a similarly frameless ‘hole in the wall’… Full details


Studio Design Features

Studio Design Features

  1. TCL (Technical Combustion Lining) High density thermal liner system
  2. Heated air jets from cleanburn ports burn hydrocarbons in smoke
  3. Airwash air flow
  4. Primary control
  5. Removable handle (Studio 500, 1, 2 & 3) and door opening catch (Studio 500, 1 & 2)
  6. Convected and radiant heat
  7. Convected heat ducting system outlet
  8. Easy fit flue connection
  9. Removable baffles
  10. External air facility
  11. Optional fan kit (Studio 2 & 3 inset only)
  12. Optional 10˚ flue outlet (insets only – not illustrated)
  13. Optional Smoke Control Kit (Studio 500†, 1 & 2 only – not illustrated)

* Illustration shows inset fire with frame.


Similar to the existing Stovax Studio Steel inset wood burning fire, the Ecodesign Studio Steel XS has slimmer proportions and offers a very different look, complementing the Studio’s distinctive wide screen flame picture.

This Ecodesign Plus wood burning fire is finished in Metallic Black to really create the wow-factor.

Visit our Studio Inset Wood Burning Fires page for further information.





Additional information


Edge +€ 209, Cool Wall +€315, Edge + Frame +€ 365, Profil +€489, Steel +€ 665, Steel Xs +€639

External Air

Not Required, External Air +€ 369

Warm Air Ducting Kit

Not Required, Warm Air Ducting +€ 375

Fan Assisted Convection

Not Required, Fan Assisted Convection +€ 519