Porto stove door

Porto stove door is a door which can be added to your standard fireplace to help ensure you get the maximum efficiencies from your current fireplace without the need to install a room heater stove!

The  stove door allows you to control the burn rate of your open fire and can be used in conjunction with your current back boiler increasing the output of your back boiler. With the Henley Porto stove door you can trust that all the heat from your fire is being used efficiently!

If you have an existing back boiler and like the idea of a stove but the work and cost is putting you off, a Fire Door may be the solution. Fire Front or Fire doors work with the same principles as a stove, deceasing airflow up your chimney while giving you full control of the rate the fire burns. With an approximate 60% increase in efficiency the question is why would you not fit a Fire door .