eStudio Cerreto 140

eStudio Cerreto 140

With their mesmerising flames, hypnotising glowing ember and log-effects. The  versatile design for easy installation, the Gazco eStudio collection offers some of the most enchanting inset electric fires .   available. Presented in three sizes of electric inset fire as well as two ultra-contemporary floor or wall mounted electric fire suites, all eStudio electric fires offer up to 2kW of programmable heating, but can also be enjoyed without any heat at all.

In addition to the multiple flame effects and vibrant Chromalight® up-lighting. eStudio inset electric fires feature the option to upgrade your centrepiece with the LED Mood Lighting System.Extending its ability to create the ultimate ambience. Featuring the same 13 Chromalight® colours as the eStudio fire itself, and all controllable via the remote handset.The optional Mood Lighting System can be placed almost anywhere you see fit. Above all it is a favourite for feature media wall installations.


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eStudio Cerreto 140 Electric Fire Suites

Part of the eStudio electric fire range.   Gazco  eStudio  Cerreto 140 are two electric fire suites designed to deliver a complete fireplace centrepiece with minimal effort. These simple-to-install electric fire suites offer a modern open-fronted aesthetic and come with everything needed for a flat-wall-fix.

In  conclusion two variations both offering an ultra-contemporary aesthetic.  Choosing from the subtle profile of the eStudio Cerreto 140, or the more elliptical curve of the Cerreto.  Above all Both electric fire suites are available as either a wall-mounted version, or floor-mounted model . In Conclusion depending on your installation preference.

In Addition the Arosa and Cerreto take advantage of Gazco’s advanced Chromalight® Immersive LED systems to deliver a mesmerising flame picture. Above all illuminating the realistic glass burnt embers and life-like log effect from below. Above all to enhance the experience both models feature built-in immersive floor lighting, which can be enabled as desired.


Arosa 140 Cerreto 140
A 1400mm 1400mm
B 100mm 100mm
C 920mm 920mm
D 160mm 160mm
E 331mm 331mm
F 222mm 257mm
G 220mm 255mm
H 90mm 90mm
I 651mm 651mm
J (Floor Mounted) 1080mm 1080mm
K (Floor Mounted) 179mm 179mm
L (Floor Mounted) 830mm 830mm
M (Floor Mounted) 190mm 190mm

eStudio Arosa & Cerreto 140 Suites Dimensions



Brand Gazco
Easy-fit configuration for flat wall fix
Open-fronted aesthetic
Chromalight® Immersive LED system
Three different flame options Amber & Yellow, Amber with Yellow Accent, Yellow with Amber Accent
Life-like burnt ember bed and log effect
13 fuel bed lighting colours, plus spectrum mode
Mood-enhancing downlighting and floor-lighting, with 13 matching colours plus spectrum mode
Floor lighting can be disconnected if desired
Programmable thermostatic eco remote control
Up to 2kW programmable heating
Ecodesign energy saving features
Wall-mounted and floor-mounted versions
Flame and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without heat

Additional information

Cerreto Wall Mounted

Not Required, Cerreto Wall Mounted +€1599

Cerreto Floor Mounted

Not Required, Ceretto Floor Mounted +€1705